We design and develop interactive 360°/VR web applications and immersive social imaging experiences for brands, sports and entertainment properties






    • Interactive WebVR Applications
    •  3D Virtual Environments    
    • 360°/VR Streaming Media Portals
    • Gigapixel/ZUI Microsites
    • Custom WebVR Solutions
    • Immersive Learning Applications
    • Social/VR Fan Engagement Activations

  • Web Based Solution

    360°/3D multimedia environments, zoomable user-interfaces and embedded multimedia elements deliver deeper levels of engagement through multiple layers of interactivity

      Measure Everything

      Powerful analytics combined with innovative conversion and lead generation tools let you track and leverage user behavior

      Works Everywhere

      Device-agnostic platform delivers responsive 360º/VR experiences lighting fast to the browser of any connected device. No downloads necessary

        Custom Social Layers

        One-of-a-kind social photo sharing experiences that allow users to create and post 360 images to social newsfeeds.

        • Seamless Social Integration

          Custom social photo sharing mechanics allow fans to create and share personalized images/stories

        • Engaging User-Experience

          Zoomable 360° environments deliver deeper levels of engagement through multiple layers of interactivity

          Cloud Based CMS

          Tell your story and keep audiences engaged with interactive virtual experiences, contextual hotspots and bespoke user interfaces

          Deep Zoom Web Viewer

          Allows fans to zoom in & explore ultra high resolution images/videos in incredible detail, tag and share photos and post stories directly to social networks.


          Crowdzilla is a leading 360°/VR digital strategy and product development firm focused on delivering revenue optimization, strategic planning, and one-of-of-a-kind fan engagement products for global brands, sports and entertainment properties


          Interactive 3D Environments

          From pre-production to app delivery, our team of VR photographers and app developers is unrivaled in its technical know-how, innovation & experience.

          Binaural Audio Production

          We use advanced ambisonics to make VR experiences complete. Immersive audio is often overlooked when producing VR films, but it can go a long way in delivering a sense of presence.

          VR Prototyping

          From interactive social/VR apps for events and advertising to webVR portals and native apps – we’ll make your products, projects and platforms accessible, eye-catching and extremely user-friendly.



          360° VIRTUAL TOUR

          Blending premium 360° photography with next generation user interfaces to create a more engaging experience






          Increase retention and deepen engagement by introducing an interactive 360°user experience to your E-learning applications

            • 360°/VR Corporate Presentations
            • Interactive E-Brochures
            • 3D Medical Imaging
            • VR/AR Industrial Training 


            REACH MILLIONS




            Immersive Learning Portals

            Crowdzilla specializes in creating custom 360°/3D environments that easily integrate with existing LMS/CMS web platforms

            • Gamification
            • 3D Data Visualizationa
            • Interactive Quizzes 
            • Track and Measure Progress 

          • GIGHUBS™

            Crowdzilla has pioneered a new “post-event” Social/VR platform

            The Crowdzilla-Cam is a post-event content marketing strategy based on ultra high definition crowd photos and interactive 360°/VR views captured during a live event.

            • Branded WebVR (Microsite) 
            • Static Branding 
            • Naming Rights 
            • Custom Branded Video Player 

            Activate Sponsorships

            Turnkey platform and methodology that empowers brands to amplify the reach and ROI of their sponsorship spends by extending engagement with attendees and effectively communicating on social channelsBranded WebVR (Microsite)

            • Static Branding 
            • Naming Rights 
            • Custom Branded Video Player 

            Hands-on immersion, maximizes message retention by engaging viewers through interactive, themed multimedia elements

          • Contextual Immersive Media

            Intuitive media hotspots combined with a unique and engaging interactive environment lets you engage and convert tradeshow attendees long after the event



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