• 360°/VR Job Training

    Blending premium 360° photography with next generation user interfaces to create a more intuitive and engaging training platform

    • Full onsite production services 
    • Track and Measure 
    • Safety

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    By integrating you learning materials into an interactive 360°environments make learning more fun and engaging by sense agency as they navigate through different scenes intuitive and engaging "see what I see" learning experience

  • Hybrid E-Learning Applications

    Leverage your existing learning modules to create an entirely new corporate training experience VR, websites, native/hybrid apps, 3D environments, video broadcasts, interactive e-learns


    Crowdzilla is hybrid agency creating one-of-a-kind immersive media applications and post-event fan engagement platforms for brands, agencies and media properties.








  • Simulated 3D Environments

    Hands-on immersion, maximizes message retention by engaging viewers through interactive, themed multimedia elements

  • Learning and Development

    Maximize retention and increase engagement by integrating your course materials with interactive immersive environments

    • Photogrammetry 
    • AR and mixed reality applications  
    • VR Industrial Training Apps 

    Binaural Audio Apps

    watch the video with headphones to experience immersive 3D Audio

  • Interactive + Emotive


    • Industrial Training
    • Medical
    • Safety