• A frictionless content creation/social engagement platform for 360 imagery empowering brands and rights-holders to extend and amplify the power of live moments

  • What we do

  • Monetization

    Targeted Advertising


    Exclusive Time Sensitive Offers


    Conversions and Analytics

    Interactive content will engage your audience and we give you the tools to analyze your KPIs and the value added through interactive media.

    Works Everywhere

    Device-agnostic platform delivers interactive 360º VR content to any connected mobile device, tablet, PC, or VR headset.

    Unique and Engaging UX

    A user experience that goes well beyond linear 360° video, enabling layered interactivity where the user is actively engaged

  • GigHubs for TOUR

    Introducing a New Paradigm in Event Related

    ContentThe GigHub™ is a WebVR microsite that combines 360° gigapixel imaging technology with browser based VR rendering system and frictionless social photo sharing me give fans a new allowing users to explore, interact and share


      Extending the Live Fan Experience to the Social Web

      Authentic Engagement

      Fan Created Photos

      Unique & Frictionless UX

      Activate Sponsorships

      Interactive VIdeos

      Web Based VR

      Run Contests/Capture Data

      Personalized Content

      Post-Event Merch Sales

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