• Strategy & Consulting

    Crowdzilla is a leading 360°/VR digital strategy and product development firm focused on delivering revenue optimization, strategic planning, and one-of-of-a-kind fan engagement products for global brands, sports and entertainment properties


    From pre-production through to app delivery, our team of VR specialists is unrivaled in its technical know-how, innovation & experience. We ensure your VR content makes the greatest impact on your audience and creates a strong ROI for your business.

    interactive 3D Environments

    From photorealistic 3D models to interactive AR/VR applications and 360° virtual tours, our production team will create an immersive environment to enhance your training program

    360°/VR Photography

    360° Photography is making something of a comeback at the moment for a number of reasons. A blog post or product page accompanied by single images is no longer enough for audiences who have an attention span of 8 seconds and want to be able to interact with content, not just consume it

    GigaPixel Photography

    We have a history of great 360 photography, going back when we invented the Crowdzilla-Cam in 2011. We have been using and developing the techniques and technology behind ultra high resolution images since 2011

    Binaural Audio Production

    We use advanced ambisonics to make VR experiences complete. Immersive audio is often overlooked when producing VR films, but it can go along way in delivering a sense of presence.