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Host membership drives, fundraisers, board meetings, and more with a single virtual event platform to drive brand awareness and recognition, engage and connect constituents, improve member retention, and achieve development goals, year after year.


Virtual fundraising is any fundraising that takes place entirely online, including donations made on your website or through social media channels.

The importance of virtual fundraising cannot be overstated. According to online revenue for nonprofits grew by 10% in 2019, and if 2021 follows other post-election year trends, we would expect additional elevated online giving next year. While the Coronavirus pandemic has us all waiting for a return to normal, smart nonprofits are loading up on virtual fundraising ideas to replace those in-person events which are no longer viable.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few virtual fundraising best practices and share ten online fundraising ideas you can implement right now, along with some recommendations for choosing the best online fundraising software. We’ll also share a few stats that might open your eyes to the importance of virtual fundraising in an increasingly digital world.


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