3D Interactive Storytelling

  • Product Showcase

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    Customer Engagement | Flex Decks

    These environments are virtual spaces for consumers and fans to engage, hang out, learn, shop and most importantly, have fun.

    Virtual Venues + Exhibitions

    Live or On-Demand

    Tell your story with our best-in-class interactive virtual environments and

    Hybrid Event Engagement | Gighubs

    These event based environments are the backbone of virtual spaces for consumers and fans to engage, hang out, learn, shop and most importantly, have fun.

    360 Experience Content

    Branded Content as an Experience

  • Tell Your Story With 3D Interactive Web Experiences

    Cut through the noise by tapping into digitalization for higher business outcomes. Use attractive 3D visualisation to impress your customers and aid their decision-making. Be an industry leader by offering innovative 3D customer experiences.
  • Strategy & Innovation

    We help forward-thinking brands effectively apply emerging technology to drive results.

    Combining insights, strategy, creativity and technology, we help companies shape vision, launch products, train employees and build experiences that enable new consumer touchpoints.

  • 45%

    Boosts in sales over conventional methods


    Consumers prefer interactive 3D models over videos


    Consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalised experiences

  • Highlight Your Product’s
    Unique Features

    Exhibit  gives your brand a virtual space where your customers and stakeholders interact and engage with your brand story. Deliver rich, life-like experiences that your audience can access at anytime, anywhere in the world, using any device

    • Provide detailed and realistic visualisation
    • View from all angles
    • 360° rotate and explore
    • Annotate and highlight USPs
  • Use-Cases

    Virtual Showroom

    Virtual Car Showroom

    An automotive virtual showroom complements your physical showroom. It can host all the models that you are unable to display in your physical showroom due to space constraints. It enables your customers to self browse and seek assistance on demand cutting your dependence and cost on human resources.

    Virtual showrooms can be very helpful to overcome these limitations. Your customers can truly experience all your brand models at their convenience.

    • Showcase all models of the brand
    • Provide 360-degree visualisation
    • Enable 3D exploring
    • Deliver unique product experience
    • Offer chat assistance
    • Accelerate buying decisions


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